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  1. 6 drugs that help you not to stop for a long time
  2. Dapoxetine
  3. Peineili
  4. Super P-Force
  5. Super zhewitra
  6. Spray STUD 5000
  7. Order Dapoxetine with delivery:

Find out which drugs help men for a long time not to finish. Several drugs that allow you to have sexual intercourse up to four times longer.

6 drugs that help you not to stop for a long time

It has long been believed that a man’s ability not to end for a long time is an indicator of his strength and endurance. Nevertheless, according to the latest statistics, more than half of the representatives of the strong half of humanity on the planet suffer from premature ejaculation . The reason why men cannot prolong sex can be many factors, from psychological complexes to real health problems. But today quick ejaculation - This is not a sentence, because special pills have appeared in free sale in order not to end for a long time. In this article we will talk about which drugs will help to cope with premature ejaculation and will allow you to prolong your sexual intercourse as long as you wish.


Many professionals, to prevent premature ejaculation recommend dapoxetine buy. This drug is sold in tablets for oral administration and applies to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors short acting . For some time, it blocks the nerve cells of the brain that are responsible for ejaculation in men, and therefore helps not to end. Take it about 1-3 hours before sexual intercourse.

Dapoxetine, the price of which is available in the available range, is approved in 22 countries, is sold without a prescription and is perfectly combined with means for improving erection (Viagra, Levitra, Cialis). He is recognized effective remedy , but has some contraindications, including:

  1. Age from 65 years;
  2. Congenital abnormalities of the penis;
  3. Availability renal failure or cardiovascular disease;
  4. Chronic stomach diseases;
  5. Recently suffered a heart attack or stroke.

However, for its effectiveness, Dapoxetine receives, to a greater extent, only positive feedback and really helps not to end a long time during sexual intercourse.



Peineili buy recommend that those who do not like to take pills and wants to get quick results. The drug is a prolongator spray that is applied 20-30 minutes before sex. It is enough to splash 4 times on the head of the penis and evenly distribute the fluid to prolong sexual intercourse up to 2 hours, due to a decrease in the sensitivity of the male member.

Peineili, the price of which will delight its availability, is characterized by the active substance - shark essence, which also increases the potency in men. For its effect, Peineili receives the best reviews and is recommended for use even by those men who, without having problems with ejaculation, simply wish to deliver maximum pleasure to their woman.

Super P-Force

As an alternative to Super P-Force, another drug is recommended - Super Tadarise, which can also be bought without the special prescription of a doctor. At Super Tadarise, the price, however, will be slightly higher, but the effect felt as a result of exposure active substances this drug is worth it.

It is not for nothing that Super Tadarise receives positive reviews, because it:

  1. Increases the potency in men for up to 36 hours;
  2. Helps to make intercourse 4 times longer;
  3. It is a substitute for two drugs at once to improve potency and prolong sexual intercourse (Cialis and Dapoxetine).

Thus, if you want to surprise your other half, this drug will help you with this.

Super zhewitra

Super Zhewitra can be bought at a low price for everyone. This is another Indian drug that showed itself from the best side. Super Zhewitra, the price of which is quite inexpensive, is an alternative to more expensive drugs to combat impotence and premature ejaculation. At the same time, Super Zhewitra also receives very good reviews, and it is recommended that anyone who wishes to improve the quality and duration of their sexual intercourse several times be encouraged to take it. Take the drug on 1 tablet 15 minutes before the start of sexual intercourse, and its action lasts for 6-12 hours.

Spray STUD 5000

Another drug that received the most positive ratings from users is STUD 5000 spray, which can be purchased in a special 20 mg bottle. Spray STUD 5000, the price of which is small, differs from other means to increase sexual intercourse in that it can be used even after drinking alcohol.

Enough, 5-7 minutes before sex roll foreskin , make 6 sprays on the trunk and the head of the penis, and then roll back the foreskin again so that sexual intercourse lasts 4 times longer. Due to its effective impact, the absence side effect , as well as ease of use, spray STUD 5000 reviews gets the best.

A member can not stand for many reasons: not proper nutrition , not correct image life, smoking, excessive drinking, depression and many other reasons.
Let's talk about the most common problems:

The first reason may be caused very tired and body fatigue. If a man came home from work exhausted, then he should not hope for intense carnal pleasures.

Ordinary Viagra can solve the first problem. Her active substance ( sildanafil ) is enough to return fresh strength and desire to satisfy women's needs.

The second reason is through dimensional drinking. For men who already have a slight sexual dysfunction, even mild alcohol consumption will affect sexual arousal.

For the second case, a man will approach such a drug as Levitra . Levitra is able to normalize sexual functionality, even with the use of the average amount of alcohol.

The third reason may be caused if the man has previously ejaculated, and not enough time has passed before the recovery of the muscles of the penis.

For this case, you will help such a tablet as Cialis . Cialis allows you to restore the muscle of the penis and continue to circulate blood at the same rate as the first time after ejaculation for 1.5 days.

This pill will allow you to save your money, and not make you think how long before the beginning of rapprochement with a woman you take the drug.

For example, the usual Viagra tablet has a duration of about 5 hours, and you can use any tablet for potency only once a day .

Therefore, if something goes wrong, you will not be able to take the usual Viagra pill that day. Of course, if you want to harm your body and plant a faster heart, then you can take the 2nd pill after the first one expires, but you should not forget about the subsequent treatment, which in our time costs a lot of money.

The fourth reason is associated with a lack of testosterone in the blood. High testosterone levels in men can be affected by high age or conservative relationships that no longer cause the former desire to get close to a woman.

In such cases, couples resort to non-standard behavior in bed, using in their program sexual pleasures fetish, erotic costumes and much more.

Unfortunately, when even such methods of temptation do not help, couples have to resort to "catalysts" for potency.

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common inconveniences for a man’s sex life. There are many reasons for premature ejaculation: long absence sexual intercourse, excessive overexcitement, alcohol use, diseases of the genital and other organs, general malaise organism, emotional state.

Very often, due to early ejaculation in men, women suffer because they do not have time to reach orgasm and get pleasure and relaxation. The fastest and easy way prolong sexual intercourse, prevent the rapid end of sexual intimacy, using specially developed drugs. In order to slow down, postpone early ejaculation and extend to 3-4 times the duration of sexual pleasure using special pills.

There are several effective drugs prolonging intercourse. These include: Dapoxetine tablets and Super P-force tablets based on the same dapoxetine. Below each of these tools will be discussed in more detail.

Refers to the series effective antidepressants new generation. It was designed specifically to prolong sexual intercourse by affecting the concentration of certain chemical substances in the brain that cause ejaculation. Thus, ejaculation slows down and comes 3-4 times later than usual.

Most men who take Dapoxetine tablets confirm that the drug actually prolongs sexual intercourse at times. Dapoxetine activity begins to appear approximately 30 minutes after oral administration, it should be taken into account when planning sexual intimacy with a partner. By the way, the use of Dapoxetine improves mood. The drug does not treat erectile dysfunction, but only prolongs sexual intercourse, inhibiting early ejaculation. Dapoxetine is not compatible with alcohol, tramadol and narcotic drugs.

Order Dapoxetine with delivery:

Super P-force (Super P-Force) is a combination pill for solving several problems at once - premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Simply put, Super P-Force stimulates the potency of a man and prolongs the duration of intercourse several times than usual. The drug consists of sildenafil citrate and dapoxetine hydrochloride. Pills improve sexual function men prevent unwanted ejaculation.


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