Ways to lose weight, how to lose weight? It is better not to lose weight, and slim

  1. How to lose weight, quickly and simply build?
  2. Change the qualitative composition of food
  3. Physical activity
  4. Sleep slimming
  5. Massage and slimming bath

That ended the long holidays, noisy feasts, plentiful get-togethers ... How many gained weight? Two pounds? Three? And now the problem is how to lose weight.

But first I would like to decide on the concepts. Lose weight, we want or build ?

What is the difference?” - you will say, - these are synonyms!

Perhaps, but our subconscious is not so advanced in our modern linguistic terms. And if it hears: to lose weight, it means for him to become bad, bad. Even worse, the term "get rid of the abdomen." The belly - a symbol of life, even the ancient Slavs, if the enemy asked for the belly, left him life. And here the person voluntarily wants to get rid of, say goodbye to life.

So we take into account the opinion of psychologists and ... slim ! (Especially since, in this case, the process will go much faster and more successfully, because there will be no block in the head, and with kilograms, life will disappear from the body).

How to lose weight, quickly and simply build?

The fact that we recovered is noticeable both in numbers on the scales, and in clothes, and in the protruding tummy. It became somehow difficult to walk and climb the stairs. And most importantly, for quite a long time of rampant holidays, the stomach walls stretched out and adapted to larger volumes of food. Now it’s so easy not to slow down product absorption, although this is the most obvious solution to the problem. weight loss .

We'll have to "cheat" the stomach a little ...

Change the qualitative composition of food

There are the same amounts of food, but with a fundamentally different qualitative composition . A lot of vegetable salads, fruits, lean soups and borscht, more liquid in the form herbal infusions with honey , non-carbonated mineral water. We limit meat, if we eat, then low-fat boiled, but rather switch to seafood.

The stomach will of course “hesitate”, it will throw up tasty pictures - images of recent delicacies, but here you will have to show your artistic talents and present yourself these “light dishes” to appetizing and attractive.

But our task is not limited to this ...

Physical activity

It would be nice if you had a problem, how to lose weight, increase your physical activity . Next weekend, make out the gifts, clean up the house. If you manage to part with some junk, it will be just fine. It is noticed that people inclined to hoarding very easily add those extra pounds , so to speak, in reserve .

After dinner, do not sit in front of the TV or monitor, it is better to go for a walk . And if you have children or pets, they will only be happy to have such unplanned communication with you in the open air. Winter has to winter games with snow. Blind meter snowman, you spend calories more than half a day's work knowledge worker. In the summer you can play badminton, tennis. Not too stressful, like football or cycling, but for the body, everything will go to offset. By the way and fall asleep after walking you are much faster.

Sleep slimming

A healthy sleep helps to normalize the metabolism . (Lack of sleep causes additional neuroticism, and, therefore, it will be more difficult for the body to part with overweight . Yes, that there, to part ... He, being nervous, new kilograms to himself "feed". We noticed that we are often prone to stress, and not just a salad, but flour and sweet.)

If you are ripe to do your body and start doing at least morning exercises or special exercises for the back , gymnastics for the neck , then you will put another plus point in deciding how to lose weight. Yes, and you will feel better, definitely!

Massage and slimming bath

(unfortunately, search engines only give weight, almost no one asks Yandex how to build it? )

Great impact will be in the construction of massage and turpentine baths.

About massage techniques, simple and not burdensome, I write here . At the same time, you can also recharge the body with energy, and activate the immune system.

As for Zalmanovsky turpentine baths, this is an excellent tool for improving capillary circulation.

Capillaries become clogged with age, stop reactively reacting to changes. Here, turpentine baths and are designed to help the capillaries to clear, restore their functions. The lymphatic flow also increases, uninterrupted oxygen supply is ensured, and metabolic processes are normalized.

Turpentine baths are used in cosmetology (the skin is tightened, it becomes smoother and velvety, cellulite decreases), in therapy in joint diseases (saline growths are reduced, pain syndrome is relieved, the condition is improved in osteochondrosis), fat is broken down and burned. ..

And this already serves our building business And this already serves our building business!

Without much difficulty, coupled with a rather pleasant scent of tar (coniferous scent), relaxing and soothing in a hot bath, you can quite smoothly lose weight , lose up to a couple kilos a week. Of course, if you use not only baths, but other methods described in this article.

In details about turpentine baths and their multilateral action I will write next time. This topic is interesting and requires a leisurely conversation.

The above described fairly simple and easy ways to lose weight at home, without undue agony, strict restrictions, but nevertheless, they really work and help to lose weight. Successful you build!

How to lose weight, quickly and simply build?
How many gained weight?
Two pounds?
?What is the difference?
How to lose weight, quickly and simply build?


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