There is no pregnancy, and the belly is growing

There is no pregnancy, and the belly is growing

There is no pregnancy, and the stomach is growing - how can this be There is no pregnancy, and the stomach is growing - how can this be? If you are completely sure that you are not really pregnant - hCG assay shows a negative result, then the options, why it can happen so little.

1. Intestinal problems and false pregnancy. The abdomen may slightly increase in size with flatulence and irregular stools. There is such a thing as a false pregnancy. It happens in animals. But some scientists claim that sometimes it happens in humans. When a woman really wants to become a mother, she may show such signs of pregnancy as a change in the size of the abdomen, the disappearance of menstruation, an increase in the mammary glands, etc. This condition can last more than one month. Treatment consists in the normalization of the psychological state. Usually prescribed sedatives.

2. If it comes pregnancy when the belly starts to grow you can not always notice. Much depends on the elasticity of the abdominal wall of the future mother, for multiparous ones, it begins to protrude forward a little earlier, usually with the start of the second trimester. But as the belly grows during pregnancy, people around us begin to notice from the 16th, or even 20th week, if the mother is wearing tight clothes. That is, immediately after the onset of menstruation delay, in the first trimester, only a gynecologist can diagnose an increase in the uterus when viewed from a chair, but outwardly this cannot be determined. And if the woman began to grow belly - do not immediately think about pregnancy, most likely, it is a matter of a small weight gain or puffiness.

3. Gynecological diseases. Actually, the size of the abdomen can increase with malignant and benign tumors of the uterus and ovaries. They can grow literally hours. Operative oncologists and gynecologists have known cases when the size of the tumors was enormous, the weight reached 10 kg. That is, the woman's belly was like that of the expectant mother in late pregnancy. Previously, when no ultrasound examinations were performed, doctors could confuse tumors with pregnancy. Especially often this happened in myomas, when the size of the uterus increased. Now determine the real reason for the increase in the abdomen is not difficult - you just need to do an ultrasound.

4. Ascites - peritoneal dropsy. The accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity is a consequence of various serious diseases - cardiovascular insufficiency, cirrhosis of the liver, cancer.

If the test is positive, but there is no pregnancy - it is necessary to undergo examination by a doctor. At least give a blood test for beta-hCG, and if it also shows a positive result, you need to look for the reason for this. The cause may be cancer, kidney disease, etc.

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