How to send a parcel by regular mail. Mailings, what things can and cannot be sent by mail

  1. General parcel sending rules
  2. How to weigh
  3. How to pack
  4. How to fill in the form?
  5. Delivery times and additional postal services
  6. What absolutely can not be sent by mail?
  7. Special restrictions:

Good day, dear friends

Good day, dear friends! Do you know how to send a parcel by Russian post? From time to time, such a need arises in every person.

I also recently had to send a package to relatives in another city. Today I will tell you how it is easier and cheaper to send a parcel, as well as how to properly package it.
So, let's start in order.

General parcel sending rules

There are a number of terms and conditions on how to send a parcel.

To send via Russian Post you will need the following accessories:

  • a pen;
  • passport;
  • the package;
  • money to pay.

And here are the rules that will help you speed up the parcel sending procedure:

  1. Do not pack in your box. Do not accept color containers and packaging with inscriptions at the post office. Most likely, you will have to get a new box, which is purchased by mail.
  2. You can not wrap the parcel with your own tape. Only branded postal tape can be used.
  3. It is worth taking a pen with you, so as not to beg it from people in the queue. You will have to fill out many forms.
  4. Mandatory document for sending the parcel.
  5. AT post office immediately take a turn while you are packing and filling out forms - it will do.
  6. One parcel is issued 1 form.

One parcel is issued 1 form

On the package the addresses of the sender and recipient are indicated. After paying for the shipment, do not drop the check.

By its number you can always track where your departure is currently located.
There is a list of prohibited items. At the same time, various restrictions apply to sending abroad and within Russia.
Here is a list of prohibited items that cannot be sent across Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and some countries:

  1. Any options for weapons, ammunition and their elements.
  2. Narcotic.
  3. Hazardous components: caustic, explosive or flammable.
  4. Poisonous plants and animals.
  5. Different types of currency.
  6. Soiling objects.
  7. Hazardous objects.

When sent to Germany, the United States or China, the list is supplemented by other items.

For example, you can not send bonds, securities issued in the Russian Federation. Any informational materials that could harm Russia. Also, metals and precious stones cannot be sent. Do not send cultural property that is more than 100 years old. You can’t send raw stones - gems, but souvenirs made from such material can be sent.

Also, you can not send photo materials that are not developed. You cannot send and are under quarantine.

Also prohibited for shipment, as well as dairy products and sausages.

How to weigh

The shipping instructions also include certain values ​​for the weight and size of the package. This is how much weight should be.

Up to 50 kg when sent to Russia and not more than 30 kg when sent to other countries.

The dimensions will also differ. In Russia, you can send such maximum dimensions: 190 * 130 * 350 cm .

And when sending abroad, the size should not exceed three meters in any dimension. The length can be up to one and a half meters.

How much such a package will cost depends on the weight and size of the package.

To send standard items there are special boxes in the mail. If some items do not fit in the box, then they need to be wrapped in plain paper.

How to pack

How to pack

Some post offices may refuse to process a parcel weighing more than 8 kg . In order to be allowed to send items in your box, you need to be completely new, without inscriptions, logos and drawings.
In order not to risk it is worth using the proposed packaging in the mail, its cost is quite affordable.
The weight of the package may increase if fragile items are to be covered with packaging material. This will affect how much such a shipment costs.

How to fill in the form?

Special forms for departure are issued at the post office for free. You must fill out the form number 116 .

For each shipment, the following data is filled:

  1. Name of the recipient and sender.
  2. Addresses of the sender and receiver.
  3. Passport details of the sender.
  4. The approximate or declared value of the shipment. This amount will be paid to you in case of loss of the parcel.
  5. If the address of the recipient is not known, then you can send “on demand”.

If the address of the recipient is not known, then you can send “on demand”

Sample filling can be viewed on a special stand. After filling out the form, payment is made.

Then the received check can be sent to the recipient. Thus, the recipient will be able to control the movement of the shipment.
The price often includes such parameters:

  • fee for remittance . This is done on delivery by cash on delivery;
  • order amount and delivery price;
  • insurance commission is often 5% of the cost of the parcel.

This knowledge is useful to you if you need to complete the sending at the expense of the recipient. If the shipment is made to other countries, then the CP 71 form is filled in, as well as the customs declaration form CN 23.

When sending valuable goods, an additional inventory is made. Then the open packaging with the inventory is handed over to the operator, who checks the contents and then registers the shipment.

Delivery times and additional postal services

Delivery times depend on various factors. From the distance between settlements , from force majeure, from weather conditions, as well as from the serviceability of transport and delivery options, for example, by air, land or water transport.
In the common hall of the department, tables are often hung out indicating the time of delivery of goods between individual cities.

If the parcel is sent to the village or village, the delivery time will increase.
Additional postal services are also offered. For example, a notice of delivery . In this case, the parcel will be handed over to the addressee, and you will be given a written confirmation in your hands.

In this case, the parcel will be handed over to the addressee, and you will be given a written confirmation in your hands

An inventory of the attachment is made and a certified document of the entire contents of the package is issued.
A service such as cash on delivery is also offered. This is such a valuable package that you can get if you fully pay its cost. At the same time, the amount of such payment cannot be more than the declared cost of departure.
It also provides a service such as SMS notification , which allows the addressee to know that the package has arrived in his name.
Before you go to the mail, do not forget to prepare small bills, as the operator may not have the right amount of change.

For shipments, the amount of which is more than 5 thousand rubles, it is required to issue a passenger declaration.

If you know the weight of the parcel, then you can find out the cost of the shipment before contacting the operator.

In this case, you can use the calculator, which can be found on the Russian Post website. Rates are summed up from the required distance between cities, as well as the delivery method.

There is also a list of cities where parcels cannot be sent. Do not forget to take into account the list of prohibited items.

If everything is done correctly, then the operators will register your shipment and the parcel will arrive quickly and without problems.
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Until next time, dear fans of my blog!

If you are going to send a parcel by mail, you must know what can and cannot be sent in a parcel by mail . By mail, you can send everything except the list below. There are also some additional items that can be sent, but only with special rules. All items are listed below.

What absolutely can not be sent by mail?

Of course, it is forbidden to send in any way :

  • Ammunition, as well as details for them.
  • Hazardous, explosive, flammable liquids and substances. Such as, for example, aerosols, gasoline, lighters, fireworks, matches and solvents. A more detailed list can be obtained by mail.
  • Biological substances that can carry the spread of various infections.
  • Radioactive and toxic substances.
  • Blood components and the blood itself.
  • Various acids.
  • Batteries and lithium batteries.
  • Medicines that contain psychotropic and narcotic substances in their composition. Naturally, not only for shipping, but also for possession of drugs and psychotropic substances, a person falls under criminal liability.
  • Products that have very little warranty rock.
  • Cash.
  • Poisonous plants.
  • All living organisms cannot be sent using the premises. The only exception to the rule are silkworms, leeches and bees.
  • Items that may stain other packages that could harm the mail employee or the recipient.
  • Printed publications or objects of immoral and indecent content may not be sent.
  • You can not send the parcel of the personal correspondence of the recipient and sender. Also, personal correspondence of unauthorized persons, that is, people who are not related to the recipient and sender, cannot be forwarded.
  • If you want to send something to another country, first check out the list of products and things that in no case can be sent across the border.

More detailed lists can be obtained at any post office.

Special restrictions:

  • Items such as money, securities, documents, precious stones and metals, traveler's checks, coins and other valuable items are not allowed for normal shipment . All this must be sent with a valuable package.
  • If you want to send tobacco products to another country, you must definitely familiarize yourself with the rules . For example, in England, even those tobacco products that are intended for personal use are subject to excise duty. If the recipient does not pay this fee, then the package will be removed. You also need to carefully read the information on the amount of tobacco products. It is important to know how much is considered trade and which is considered a package for personal use.
  • There are no restrictions on the shipment of alkaline batteries, as well as batteries and batteries based on carbon and zinc . These batteries can be sent unlike foundry batteries and batteries. The only warning is that acceptable batteries should only be sent in separate packaging. Before you take the batteries to the mail, you definitely need to check which batteries it is.
  • If you need to send a living organism, silkworms, bees or leeches, you need to pack them in containers in which they will not die and thanks to which they will not get into the environment . You also need to make sure that the employee marks the box with the words “Caution. Living organism ”and a special sticker. Special organizations can send different insects to exterminate harmful insects or flies, which are used for biomedical research. But only official institutions can do this.
  • Nutritional supplements can be sent by mail, but before that you need to make sure that they are not considered a medicine . All information on eligible shipping drugs must be found at the post office.

You will need

  • - the item to be sent;
  • - a certain amount of money (depending

Do you know how to send a parcel by Russian post?
How to fill in the form?
What absolutely can not be sent by mail?


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