How to choose a high-quality external battery?

  1. Prehistory First impressions. Result. In 2014, at the exhibition of mobile accessories, when I...
  2. Real capacity. Game wording.
  3. Valuable tips (life hacks). What is your choice?

Prehistory First impressions. Result.

In 2014, at the exhibition of mobile accessories, when I first saw dozens of brands of portable chargers, I couldn’t decide for myself whether it was a useful thing or just another gadget requiring additional attention for self-service, control of remaining capacity, timely charging and storage.

After some time, we included the first batch of external batteries from manufacturers in the store’s assortment. Momax , Remax , Rock , iHave , Vorson and Yoobao, with an eye on the history of their brands, product quality and originality of design. After that, we had six months of detailed study of each autonomous charging. This analysis allowed us to accurately identify an explicit list of criteria that characterize each unit of the range.

This analysis allowed us to accurately identify an explicit list of criteria that characterize each unit of the range

We found out exactly which manufacturers of external batteries write on their packaging their actual capacity, which brands are not only functional, but also well-designed, which portable chargers can be categorized as price-quality, and which ones belong to the premium segment. And most importantly, I realized that the external battery is not a useless thing, but a really necessary device for an active user of a smartphone, tablet or laptop, and today my collection has two external batteries: iWalk Supreme 10400 mAh and Momax Power Go mini 7800 mAh .

Universal capacity. How much mAh will be enough for me?

As practice has shown, the most universal capacity is the range from 7000 to 11000 mAh . With this supply of energy, you can repeatedly charge most popular smartphones and tablets. Everything that is less than 7000 mAh can be attributed to light and mobile external batteries, and everything that is more than 11000 mAh is ultra-capacious and heavy-duty chargers.

Depending on the purpose, the weight and dimensions of the device begin to play an important role in the selection. For example, a group of buyers came to us who were about to go to Everest. Given that for several days they would be completely without electricity, they wanted to take the most powerful battery with them. But the larger the capacity, the greater the weight and size, and for them, every 100 grams of excess weight can become a burden. The result of the sample was the iWalk Supreme 13000 mAh: its real capacity and very adequate weight (310 grams) won in the choice of its main competitors Remax Proda 20000 mAh (380 grams, overestimated capacity) and Xiaomi Mi 20000 mAh (338 grams, overestimated capacity).

Some of the advanced readers will wonder why they didn’t choose waterproof and shockproof external batteries , such as iWalk Extreme Spartan 13000 mAh or Momax Power Tough 2. These are really super reliable portable chargers that can be thrown into the snow even in the dirt and with them absolutely nothing happens.

The answer is simple: the extra weight added by the metal case and rubber linings. And in general, these models are created for extremes . For those to whom the most important criterion for selection is the strength and dependability of work in unpredictable weather conditions.

Tourists most often take base models with them with a universal capacity (from 7000 to 11000 mAh). This allows them to repeatedly charge their smartphones, action cameras (for example, GoPro), tablets and add a few more hours to the laptop. By the way, it is very convenient to take along a combined heavy-duty cable. Rock Combo (Lightning + microUSB) 1 or 2 meters, suitable for both Apple and microUSB devices.

For residents of megacities with their frantic rhythm, external batteries with a capacity of 4,000 to 7,000 mAh will be the best option. It is worth paying attention to the brand: Momax, iWalk, Xiaomi (mi) and Rock. These stylish charging will not only save you at a crucial moment, but will not become a burden (from 160 grams). By the way, for urban users, we recommend short lightweight charging cables (for both Apple and microUSB).

If you really realize that you only need an external battery for backup (one charge), then we recommend to opt for a capacity from 2400 mAh and up to 5000 mAh. This option is relevant for students or people whose work is directly related to active movement (for example, couriers). By the way, this option will also be an excellent choice for owners of women's handbags.

Real capacity. Game wording.

We tried to find out, based on personal experience and customer reviews, which brand of portable chargers indicate the actual capacity, and which is a little tricky? External multipurpose batteries iWalk, Momax, Remax and Xiaomi (mi) participated in our experiment.

Questions related to the real capacity of the brand Xiaomi (mi) themselves have disappeared at the stage of studying the packaging. At the bottom of the device it was written that at a load of 3.6 volts, the capacity of the batteries is 10400 mAh, but with a load of 5V and a current of 1A, the guaranteed capacity will be only 6650 mAh. Any USB devices (smartphones, tablets, GoPro and others) work from a source with a voltage of 5 volts, i.e. a fair capacity indicator for Xiaomi (mi) Essential 10400mAh will be 6650 mAh. So do manufacturers want to fool us?

In fact, the truth is a little deeper here. 10400 mAh is the actual capacity of the batteries themselves, located inside this charger, their total voltage is 3.6 volts. Then, during the charging process, the voltage is converted from 3.6V to 5V, which creates another energy-intensive barrier that lowers the final capacity of the portable charger.

Therefore, the indicators indicated on the device box are absolute truth, that is, the manufacturer does not deceive us in anything - here the game of formulations simply happens. What is more important for you: the capacity indicator of the device batteries themselves or the capacity given to your devices?

After examining the rest of the Xiaomi (mi) at 5000 mAh, 10,000 mAh, 16,000 mAh and 20,000 mAh, we followed a similar trend. Is it bad? I will answer with confidence - no! The Xiaomi (mi) brand creates high-quality and beautiful, perhaps one of the best, rounded aluminum exterior battery case designs that conquer Apple technology lovers from the first touch, so when choosing Xiaomi (mi) autonomous charging, pay attention to its real performance and only after that surrender to the emotions of design.

We turn to the brand Remax . Here, the maximum capacity of external batteries is one of the highest: 30,000 mAh and 20000 mAh. We didn’t find any other values ​​disproving this power, but, having assessed the situation in practice, we came to the following conclusions: the real capacity of the Remax Proda 30000 mAh is approximately 18,650 ~ 19800 mAh. And the real capacity of Remax Proda 20000 mAh is approximately 14750 ~ 15850 mAh. No matter how you twist, in any case, Remax external batteries retain leadership among the most powerful offers on the market today.

Their design is very conservative: shockproof and unpretentious plastic. The workmanship and reliability of external batteries are very convincing, so we convincingly recommend these mobile chargers to all those for whom functionality and power are more important than design refinement.

Next in line are the external iWalk brand batteries . It is enough to pick up a packaged battery in the original box, as from the first seconds there is an impressive feeling of reliability and confidence. Having twisted any iWalk product in your hands, you will see a detailed description of not only the configuration, but also the capacitive characteristics in comparison with popular devices. Manufacturers of iWalk for each battery immediately recommend a segment of devices suitable for charging.

After testing the iWalk Extreme and Supreme lines, we got very expected results. What is indicated on the box is the result of experimental measurements (the correlation was only 3%). In this regard, we can proudly state that the iWalk brand is writing real capacity on the packaging of external batteries. The design of the batteries themselves is very conservative: accurate geometric shapes, very high quality materials, excellent assembly and optimum equipment.

Also pleased with the manufacturer Momax . Indicators of the capacity of all portable charges, published on our store, turned out to be real. To all this, Momax pleases with a pleasant bright design and excellent packaging. About Momax, we are always used to express ourselves only on the good side, since in their entire history of the production of mobile accessories, they were distinguished by truly high-quality goods with amazing precision in the assembly and design of cases.

Let's summarize the results of experiments. Momax and iWalk are the absolute leaders in the quality and honesty of external batteries. Comparing them in character, Momax can be attributed to a more youthful direction (due to bright design), and iWalk to a more adult, conservative, reliable and permanent one. Despite the marketing trick, Xiaomi (mi) is still the most stylish aluminum external battery, primarily oriented on the “Apple generation”. Well, Remax, although it overestimates the actual capacity by 30-40%, but it still remains the most powerful and capacious offer on our market with a very versatile design.

Dear customers, I want to note that this review is not anti-advertising of any manufacturer, all the battery models presented in the review are sold in our store, and for each brand we can proudly bear the guarantee of the correctness of your choice. It all depends on the specific needs and expectations.

Valuable tips (life hacks). What is your choice?

At the end of our journey on the variety of external batteries, I want to give some practical tips. Really evaluate your needs. There is no need to take the most powerful battery, based on "maybe, I come in handy." If you do not know how much capacity you need, then the best option is to take a universal version (from 7000 to 11000 mAh).

  • When choosing the most powerful external batteries do not succumb to false illusions: "they say, 30000 mAh is an ideal, and it is a pity that there is no more ...". 10400 mAh or 13000 mAh of real capacity - this is more than equivalent to 20000 mAh of high capacity. Pay attention to the brand iWalk, I recommend it to you!
  • If you want to get a very high-quality case design, pay attention to the Momax, iWalk and Xiaomi (mi) brands.
  • If you're a fan of metal and aluminum cases, consider the options from Xiaomi (mi), iWalk, Rock and iHave.
  • If you need only functionality and price-quality, then focus your attention on Remax, Rock, Xiaomi (mi).
  • If you are going to make a spectacular gift, then Momax, iWalk and Lifetrons will surprise you with their packaging.

All brands presented in our store passed the test of time, we can talk about each battery for a long time and a lot. Therefore, to answer the question: “How to choose a high-quality external battery?” I recommend that you understand the main purpose for using it, decide on the color and appearance options, and then simply call our managers at 8 (495) 008-88-89 or visit our store and we will help you make the final right choice!

What is your choice?
How much mAh will be enough for me?
We tried to find out, based on personal experience and customer reviews, which brand of portable chargers indicate the actual capacity, and which is a little tricky?
So do manufacturers want to fool us?
What is more important for you: the capacity indicator of the device batteries themselves or the capacity given to your devices?
Is it bad?
What is your choice?
Therefore, to answer the question: “How to choose a high-quality external battery?


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