How many times a year is ovulation. When does ovulation occur in women? Main features

  1. How is the process of ovulation
  2. Why know about ovulation day
  3. Signs of ovulation

Every month for all the girls the body prepares for conception, and for many it is very important to know in advance the dates of the release of the egg from the ovaries. We will tell you when ovulation occurs in women with a 28-day cycle, how to understand that the process has begun, its causes and how often it happens.

Menstrual cycles are a very complex phenomenon, they are not always regular, they can begin and end when they please, and sometimes even happen several times a month. This results from the fact that each woman is individual, the cycle depends on many factors:

  1. Stress;
  2. Physical activity;
  3. Hormone levels

As with irregular cycle , and with constant dates, it is very important to know how many days before menstruation an egg comes out, because ovulation is important not only for those who want to become parents, but also for those who use the calculation as a contraceptive method.
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How is the process of ovulation

Consider in more detail what ovulation is and when it occurs. This process refers to a specific phase. menstrual cycle it is called the “ovulation phase”. It is at this time that the ovary releases an egg for fertilization. The body sends a series of signals that trigger an increase in the level of estrogen in the body. In turn, this increase causes the growth of luteinizing hormone (the so-called LH surge). This is a special hormone that is responsible for the fact that after ovulation, when conception occurs, fertilization occurs. When this surge of LH reaches a certain point, one of the ovaries releases an egg. It goes down fallopian tubes the purpose of creating a new life.

It is very difficult to predict exactly on which day after ovulation conception occurs. This is because the cycle of each woman is different, it can even vary from month to month. As a rule, it is believed that each girl has a cycle of about 28 days. But according to recent data, it can vary from 21 days to 35. Particularly problematic in this regard are irregular periods (when they always occur in different time ), here it is almost impossible to recognize the "day X".

There is a general rule of thumb: ovulation occurs two weeks before menstruation. This means that if you have a 28-day menstrual cycle, by about the fourteenth day the egg will come out of the ovary. But such graphics do not have accuracy. As a result of some changes in the body or lifestyle, ovulation can occur on any day from the 9th to the 20th. To the calendar did not exactly let you down, you need to monitor the presence of other signs of ovulation.

Many women prefer to calculate their cycle to determine when ovulation occurs. You only need a calendar. When the period comes, this day is marked on the calendar. In the second month, we again mark the start date and calculate the number of days between cycles. In order to determine the ovulation phase as accurately as possible, we count 14 days ago from the last marked day.

Photo - Menstrual cycle Photo - Menstrual cycle

It is also very important to know why ovulation of the egg does not occur. The reasons may be different: the disease, the period after childbirth, abortion, psychological shock. The female childbearing system is a very delicate part of our body. But remember that if there is no menstruation, it does not mean that you do not have eggs. If at one point the periods have stopped, and this is not related to pregnancy or childbirth - go to the doctor immediately, this can mean a cyst, venereal disease or severe neurosis.

Why know about ovulation day

Why is it important for girls to know when ovulation will happen? There are many factors and aspects of life where this knowledge is necessary:

  • Tracking ovulation will help predict when your period will begin, you will never be caught off guard. This is especially useful for irregular menstruation, after abortion, for polycystic or endometriosis;
  • During ovulation, girls are in the most fertile period. If pregnancy is the most important desire, then knowledge of the timing of ovulation will play a good service;
  • Women who are active sex life but do not want to get pregnant, sometimes they control ovulation to prevent pregnancy. If during this period to refrain from love joys, the risk of becoming a mother is significantly reduced.

Photo - Development process Photo - Development process

Signs of ovulation

The girls very clearly show that they have come a fertile period. Exists whole line physical signs . How to determine the time of ovulation:

  • Swollen chest. Before and during ovulation, girls become inflamed and become more sensitive nipples may become more breasts;
  • Pulling pain in lower abdomen: menstrual pain accompanies more than 60% of girls all their lives. This is the brightest and most unpleasant sign that ovulation occurs in the ovary;
  • Body temperature. During the release of the egg, a slight increase in basal body temperature is noticed;
  • The condition of nails and hair follicles improves, after ovulation they occur at a normal pace;
  • Changes in the cervix. This is noticed only by girls who have already given birth and by professional gynecologists. Because of the mucus, the shape and position of the cervix varies slightly, it simplifies the process of conception.

To be sure that the process has begun, you are advised to do special tests, they are sold in all pharmacies. We do not recommend relying only on information from calculations and calendars.

If there is no ovulation, the girls start to get nervous and nervous, because this is in itself a sign of weakness and soreness of the body.

What to do if ovulation does not occur :

  1. Eliminate the likelihood of pregnancy with the test;
  2. Visit the doctor, he will determine the cause as accurately as possible, conduct tests and prescribe treatment;
  3. Do not be nervous, even if you have ovarian dysfunction, you will make the worries and tantrums only worse;
  4. Doctors often use the method hCG injection . Of course, the result is not 100%, and still the question of why there is no ovulation phase remains open, but if you become pregnant, the chances increase significantly;
  5. The toughest method: cause ovulation. To do this, you can use the drug Klostilbegit (Clomiphene Citrate). Use this method only after consulting your doctor. It is absolutely impossible to drink when elevated temperature pregnancy and feeding.

Ovulation in women is short period menstrual cycle when the opportunity is as high as possible. The newborn girl already has about one million germ cells in the ovaries. After puberty, she has one or two eggs a month. On short term they become ready for fertilization. It is the period when the mature egg goes into the fallopian tubes is called ovulation. From this point on, it is possible to conceive a child.

As a rule, ovulation in women is accompanied by the maturation of only one egg, but there are exceptions. With excessive hormone production in one period of the menstrual cycle, a single sex cell can be produced in each ovary. Both eggs are healthy and can be fertilized. If this happens, then twins or even triplets are born. But the genotype of newborns, unlike twins, will be absolutely different.

After menopause, as well as during the period of carrying a child, ovulation in women stops. After pregnancy reproductive system re-enters the usual pace. But it is noticed that after childbirth or abortion, the ovulation rhythm changes. The same happens after 45 years when female body begins preparing for the onset of menopause.

So in women So in women? It is believed that this happens on the 14th day from the beginning of the menstrual cycle. But still this phenomenon is exclusively individual and is determined by the characteristics of the body. Ovulation may occur a few days earlier if the woman’s cycle is short. It happens that the egg goes on the 18-19th day with a longer cycle.

Ovulation in women is calculated in several ways. The most popular method is the calendar method. To determine the most favorable for necessary for 4-5 months to regularly celebrate the beginning and end of the month. So you can install average duration your cycle. If it is 28 days, then the 14th is the appropriate day for conceiving a child. Much more difficult when the cycle is irregular. Then this method becomes ineffective.

In fact, the moment when an ovulation occurs in a woman does not go unnoticed In fact, the moment when an ovulation occurs in a woman does not go unnoticed. There are a number of signs by which it is easy to recognize. You need to focus on your own feelings. So, the body can signal both the release of the egg into the fallopian tubes and the completion of ovulation. If you carefully follow the changes in the body, you can calculate these points. Most women note that the amount and consistency of secreted mucus varies. Its getting bigger. In color and composition, it resembles egg white . Determine the moment of ovulation by measuring basal temperature . Its increase is associated with the production of the hormone progesterone, which is responsible for maintaining pregnancy in the first periods. Symptoms of an organism’s readiness to conceive pain sensations in the chest, lower abdomen and lower back. These sensations cause the process of release of the egg. Pain can last from several hours to 2-3 days.

So in women?


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