High temperature in an adult: how to safely reduce the temperature, and what you should not do

  1. What to do to reduce the heat
  2. Plentiful Drink
  3. Rubdowns and compresses
  4. Vitamin C
  5. Cleansing enema
  6. Antipyretic drugs
  7. What not to do at high temperatures

Temperature rise is a natural mechanism in the human body.

Whether it is a general fever or local hyperthermia, such a condition indicates an infection or an inflammatory process that leukocytes are actively fighting at the moment.

But no matter how natural the temperature is, it delivers significant inconvenience to a person, making him unable to work and even causing physical agony. Moreover, in some situations, a high temperature (above 40-40.5 ° C) can be life threatening, so everyone needs to know how to beat the heat.

5 ° C) can be life threatening, so everyone needs to know how to beat the heat

What to do to reduce the heat

In medical practice, it is not customary to churn the heat below 38-38.5 ° C (depending on individual well-being), because up to this temperature the body can cope with the infection on its own. But with higher numbers, he would need your help.

Plentiful Drink

The first and basic rule at temperature is to drink a lot. The more you drink fluids, the more frequent and more volatile urination, and, therefore, faster toxins. In addition, during heat the patient actively sweats and loses moisture from the body, and it is impossible to prevent dehydration.

Rubdowns and compresses

To reduce the temperature, wipe the body with a towel dipped in cool water (with vinegar added), or apply it as a compress to the most “heat exchange” areas: forehead, lower part of the back of the neck and neck, armpits, wrists, palms and feet. As the compress heats up, it needs to be changed. Do not forget to constantly replenish the water balance in the body.

Any increase in temperature is a sign of illness.

It is also possible to speed up the elimination of toxins through diaphoretic folk remedies: tea with linden leaves or raspberries. Keep in mind that raspberry-flavored teas bought at a regular grocery store do not have such a healing effect.

Vitamin C

It is known that vitamin C contributes to the improvement of immunity, which, more than ever, is appropriate when treatment of ARVI . If the fever is caused by a cold, enter into the diet of citrus fruits, black currants, raspberries, sea buckthorn, cherry, dogrose.

Cleansing enema

For fans of this form of treatment, we can recommend an enema with chamomile decoction. Of course, the procedure is an amateur, but it quickly and guaranteed removes a large number of toxins.

Antipyretic drugs

Modern medicine refuses aspirin and analgin as antipyretic and recommends various ibuprofen preparations. You can also use soluble anti-symptom powders, but remember: relieving symptoms is not a cure for the disease!

What not to do at high temperatures

  • Do not wrap yourself in 20 blankets! The fact that you have to thoroughly sweat during a fever is true, but wrapping up in a warm “cocoon” you do not let the heat go out and it heats your body even more.
  • Do not put mustard plasters! The reason is the same, plus if mustard plasters are over-exposed - you can earn a burn.
  • Warm compresses, hot baths, steam rooms, etc. are also banned.
  • Avoid products that activate blood circulation, such as coffee and alcohol.
  • No need to heat and humidify the air in the room. This contributes to more rapid reproduction of bacteria and can only worsen the condition. It is better to air the room regularly, but avoid drafts.

It is important to understand that any increase in temperature is a sign of the disease, which the body is currently struggling with all its forces. Therefore, if it is not a fever from an obvious ARVI, be sure to ask for general practitioner consultation .


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