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  1. Why does a person need fasting?
  2. What is good hunger?
  3. How it works?
  4. Types of fasting
  5. Harm fasting
  6. Possible complications
  7. The exit is an important stage.

Many people wonder - how to improve their internal state without material costs and adverse effects? The output for them will be therapeutic fasting , as a method of alternative medicine, consisting in the voluntary rejection of food and even water, for the purpose of self-purification, slimming , enlightenment and healing. The benefits of fasting are indisputable, but it is possible only if all the rules and recommendations are followed.

Why does a person need fasting?

Why does a person need fasting

In the process of evolution, man acquired unlimited possibilities in many spheres of life, nutrition is not an exception. Having on hand a large selection of products, humanity has become spoiled, has ceased to restrain itself in its weaknesses, forgetting what is actually useful and what is not.

Following standard stereotypes about the regularity of meals that have been formed over the years the need to eat 3-4 times a day, a person ceases to understand when he is actually hungry and when not. As a result, the organs responsible for the digestion process are held hostage by ordinary attachment. An excess of unnecessary trace elements and calories leads to pollution of the intestines, circulatory circulation, overtime of the digestive tract provokes "fatigue" of all biological processes, resulting in a general negative dynamics, weight gain and premature aging.

But people are slaves to their habits, it becomes as difficult to abandon a favorite piece as it is to get a new job. To break this vicious circle, to help improve the quality of your life, you need to give yourself the opportunity to stop, take a break, look at your personal diet from the side and dare to take decisive measures, including healthy fasting.

Some people sit down at the table with the thought that they really don't want to eat, but they force themselves to devour dinner. Another person is not able to withstand even three hours in order not to approach the refrigerator. Such "beacons" indicate a malfunction that has a psychological character, but unfortunately, has physical manifestations.

What is good hunger?

Having ventured on the externally and internally difficult period of abstinence, we would like to know what is the use and possible harm of starvation? Here decades of medical practice come to the rescue, the research of which says:

  • the very renunciation of food improves well-being;
  • guarantees bowel cleansing, blood vessels;
  • helps to normalize blood pressure;
  • cure hemorrhoids;
  • promotes tissue rejuvenation at the cellular level;
  • weight loss;
  • renewing consciousness, a more optimistic view of the world around us;
  • reassessment of priorities;
  • self confidence.

For people who want to lose those extra pounds, hunger alone will not be enough. To spend high-quality weight loss additionally need to develop a complex physical exertion , sleep and wakefulness, try to ensure a stable emotional balance.

In general, starving useful companions will be short walks in the fresh air, relaxing baths, massages, you can do yoga or other moderate exercise.

Such “gifts” are not easy, but if you take a course on the final result, you can understand that the person himself is the master of his body and only he decides how to look, how to feel, how to meet each new day with good health and without diseases.

How it works?

Proper fasting leads to a decrease in body weight, removal of toxins from the tissues, slags, harmful cholesterol, destruction of cancer cells, which allows you to start the process of natural regeneration. A consumer balance is being established - that is, we consume not so much as we are used to, but exactly how much we have spent. This in turn has an unobtrusive relaxing effect - the ability not to overload with extra calories. Weight becomes less, mood improves, lightness appears in the body and clarity in thoughts, the body begins to work like a clock.

Types of fasting

Types are conventionally divided into dry and "liquid." Dry fasting implies a complete rejection not only of food, but also of liquid, it is a more rigid way of restriction. If there are thoughts that it is impossible to endure the torture without a “single crumbs and drops”, then this is a delusion. Every hour comes the realization that it is real and not so difficult to endure and wait out the temptation. Even there is pride in his feat, even if no one knows about him. This type of hunger justifies all expectations - cleansing, getting rid of cancer cells, rejuvenation is carried out in a shorter time.

Nevertheless, if a person has serious internal problems, all precautions should be taken to protect themselves from mortal danger, therefore, having no previous experience of “wet” or short-term restriction, you should not start from the most extreme method (for vegetarians any hunger strike will be given easier and more effective).

At first it is useful to try the “liquid” method, which is more gentle, allows you to drink not only water, but also fresh fruit juices, herbal teas, for everyone in different ways, depending on gender and weight, but on average 1.5-2.5 liters per day . It is not necessary to prepare for it in advance, it is enough just to follow all the rules and listen to yourself.

Also, fasting differ in terms of conducting, starting with 12-hour, 1-day, 1.5-day, ending with 3-day and 7-day.

You should start small, if you feel the strength can gradually reach the maximum amount.

Short-term restrictions are carried out once a week, long 1-2 times a month. In addition, you can additionally carry out morning cleansing herbal enemas (water infusions of chamomile, celandine or just warm boiled water with a tablespoon of salt).

The important point is that if a person has an urgent need to achieve a specific goal, during any fasting (ideally and after it) it is recommended to completely give up bad habits, especially alcohol, which stops the cleansing processes!

Harm fasting

Not all hunger strike is equally necessary. There are a number of contraindications. People with physiological characteristics, suffering from serious diseases of the heart, stomach, pancreas is contraindicated fasting. Elderly, immunocompromised people, pregnant women and women during lactation, children under 12 years of age will also not be able to suffer a long refusal from food without negative consequences.

Having decided to starve, it is worth weighing all the risks and consequences.

Fasting sometimes leads to:

  • reduction of immunity, susceptibility to infection;
  • the development of anemia;
  • loss of strength, apathy;
  • the appearance of anorexia;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • malfunction of the intestines;
  • violation of protein metabolism.

It is not worthwhile to prescribe such a cleansing yourself, because only an experienced specialist is able to objectively assess your condition and the ability to safely transfer such restrictions, so you should consult with your doctor before starting therapy.

Possible complications

In the process, there are some unpleasant associated symptoms:

  • Unpleasant smell from the mouth. To reduce it, it is useful to drink more fluid, but it is unlikely to get rid of it.
  • Belching, heartburn. Do the washing, enema, with the dry method, add water.
  • Dizziness. Occurs with a sharp change in body position. Come to the aid of fresh air, neat movements. If the situation does not improve and goes to a faint, you should go out of fasting.
  • Pain in the joints, muscles. Occur with diseases in them, or excessive loads, so you should not overwork, do not lift weights, do not overcool.
  • Heartache. If the pain does not go away make a cardiogram, if necessary, interrupt the treatment.
  • Toothache. Occurs with no follow-up processes in the oral cavity or a change in the composition of saliva. Rinsing decoction of chamomile, refusal of a toothbrush will help - instead of it, gauze wiping.
  • Renal colic. They indicate that the healing process is going well, stones come out of the kidneys. To facilitate the state, you can take a warm bath.
  • Cramps in the limbs. Occur with prolonged limitation due to lack of sodium chloride. Before hunger, it is helpful to eat a lot of raw fruits and vegetables.
  • Sleep disturbance If you are drowsy, allow yourself to sleep, for insomnia, just rest without sleep, if after a couple of days the condition does not improve - the hunger strike immediately stops.

The exit is an important stage.

Completing the technique hunger cleansing the rule applies - the amount of time to exit and return to the usual diet should be equal to the amount of time of the famine itself. If the restriction lasted a day, then it will take twenty-four hours to get out of this state.

Eating during this period will often, in small portions of vegetable salads, fruits, teas with lemon and honey. Meat, sweets and flour products are excluded from the diet.

Do not forget that the desired therapeutic result of fasting directly depends on how well all recommendations and rules are followed.

Why does a person need fasting?
What is good hunger?
How it works?
Many people wonder - how to improve their internal state without material costs and adverse effects?
Why does a person need fasting?
What is good hunger?
Having ventured on the externally and internally difficult period of abstinence, we would like to know what is the use and possible harm of starvation?
How it works?


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