Food Compatibility and Food Separate

On the one hand, popular wisdom says “What got into your mouth is useful. But on the other, even in the Old Testament it was said:“ Do not boil the lamb in his mother’s milk ”, or, in other words, do not mix so different in a single dish food substances like meat and milk.

Modern man needs to know the laws of separate nutrition, What kind of products is related and what products are incompatible. And, whenever possible, one should eat precisely in accordance with the natural laws of one’s own organism, which reflect the natural laws of nature itself.

The essence of separate feeding is not to induce the organs of the digestive tract to simultaneously release both acidic and alkaline elements, because, in accordance with the laws of chemistry, acid and alkali are neutralized and interact with each other during interaction. And since the body for millions of years of its existence has become such a complex system that, as soon as you look at a product, you already have exactly those enzymes that need to break it down, so far as it is not necessary to prepare those dishes that cause both the influx and acid and alkali.

It is easy to understand: if neutralization takes place in our stomach, we will end up with a lump of decaying mass in it, which will lie there, poorly digested, until a new portion of stomach acid is developed (and this requires a lot of energy generally); turns, turns and goes already in a poorly prepared form into the duodenum. Further, it moves through all functional departments already with increasing deviations from the norm. At the exit, it will be a terrifying fetid mass, because along the road there was a violation of all the principles of digestion, which can only be. Remember: the elk “nuts” that you met in the forest do not smell, but the pig omus, how disgusting it stinks! Are additional explanations needed? ..

All dishes, all types of products we should divide into three main groups.

  • The first group is protein products, which are mainly digested with acid.
  • The second group is those living, mainly of plant origin, products that contain both nutrients and enzymes for their breakdown.
  • The third group is carbohydrates, various types of sugar and starch, which are mainly digested by alkalis secreted by the salivary glands.

Below is a visual table of the combination of products. In the left column we place all protein products. In the right - carbohydrates. In the middle between them we place greens, vegetables and fruits. Then everything is very clear: the extreme columns are perfectly combined with the average, but in principle they are not "friendly" with each other. That's all, in fact, wisdom.

Eating separately, we get a huge reserve of energy, an unexpected and great gift, because the body no longer spends convulsive efforts to produce additional enzymes that are required in order to digest incompatible products abandoned in it after the first doses of acid and alkali. were mutually neutralized.

Useful tips on right and compatible nutrition:

  • Melon and an Apple - separate dishes. In combination with other products, it can cause fermentation in the stomach; consumed independently, they also provide excellent energy nutrition, and contribute to the active, purposeful, hygienically necessary cleaning of the intestines.
  • You should avoid such a common custom, like taking a sweet, tasty drink immediately after eating. The fact is that sweet liquids are an independent food that should be taken no earlier than an hour after the main meal, after all the other forces of the stomach and salivary glands have already been thrown at the breakthrough and have completed all that was required of them.
  • Slow, repeated chewing of food, its careful processing and the formation of abundant saliva at this time twice improve the absorption of the product that is in our mouth. I ask to linger on the word: " twice !" This means that with this approach to food it can be consumed twice less than we now consume it in everyday life.
  • The best diet is when you truly want to eat, not when you should eat. Animals by nature are much healthier than us, because they are not regulated by the official regime established outside of any dependence on biorhythms, but the only natural need. When it appears, all the necessary enzymes, juices, saliva, and food are absorbed in the best way. Try to live in this mode - and you will see in practice how physiological it is.

Approximate ration when switching to separate meals

  • Breakfast All day is ahead and you should not spend the most valuable morning energy for processing and assimilation of food. Cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, bread sandwich with butter, fruit salad, unsweetened fruit.
  • Lunch Must be rich in proteins. Eating meat dishes, do not mix them with pasta or potatoes.
    At first - vegetable soups and broths, dessert - fruit, preferably savory. Drinks - juices from natural fruits.
  • Dinner . At night, it is better to eat foods rich in carbohydrates, because they are quickly absorbed by the body.
    Macaroni with cheese, carrot or potato casserole, sweet fruit. The quality of drinks - natural juices.

Based on the materials of the book by Yu.A. Andreeva "Three whales of health"

Are additional explanations needed?


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