Aquamaris: spray and drops, instructions for use, price and analogues

  1. Aquamaris - breathing aid
  2. Types of Aquamaris
  3. Dosage and administration
  4. The benefits of Aquamaris for children
  5. note
  6. Aquamaris - the price of the drug, analogues

A runny nose is literally everyone A runny nose is literally everyone. Adult and children, the elderly and people in the prime of life suffer from a cold. Each person has his own methods of treating a rhinitis: someone prefers old, proven products, someone has the newest ones that allow your nose to breathe freely for many hours without re-instillation, and someone generally loves “grandma's” products.

However, before running to the pharmacy for a remedy for a cold, you need to clearly know what this most common cold caused: for example, in allergic rhinitis, a stuffy nose is a reaction to the consequences of “communicating” with an irritant, and it is often enough to get rid of the discomfort in the nose antihistamine. Or a runny nose appeared as a "friend" of colds and flu - then completely different means would be needed.

Aquamaris - breathing aid

Aquamaris is developed by Jadran Galensky Laboratories (Croatia) Aquamaris is developed by Jadran Galensky Laboratories (Croatia) . This is a series of drugs to relieve nasal congestion, hygiene of the throat and ear canals. In this series are present:

  • Aquamaris drops (used for children);
  • Aquamaris spray for nose and throat;
  • Aquamaris spray for the ears.

At the heart of the drug - sea ​​water . Everyone knows about the beneficial properties of seawater, which is rich in substances and trace elements necessary for the human body:

  • Selenium and magnesium contained in it perform an immunostimulating function;
  • Iodine in the composition of seawater is an antibacterial effect. It neutralizes the effects of harmful microbes on the body, increases the elasticity of blood vessels, relieves swelling;
  • Sodium chloride (salt) - helps with the discharge of mucus (due to the difference in density).

Types of Aquamaris

  • Isotonic solution is pure sea water with saline solution (sodium salt). This type can be applied to newborns, pregnant women, and simply for the hygiene and prevention of viral diseases. These are Aquamaris drops, Aquamaris for children spray and Aquamaris plus (D-panthenol has been added to Aquamaris plus, which moisturizes the nasal mucosa well);
  • Hypertonic solution is already a more concentrated saline solution (Aquamaris Strong). It can be used by adults and children over 12 years old. This variant of Aquamaris is usually prescribed for rinsing the nose with rhinitis, complications after sinusitis, for removing purulent congestion during sinusitis.
  • Aquamaris Home . It has a very funny and memorable packaging - in the form of a teapot. It is convenient for washing the nose at home.
  • Aquamaris throat spray - prescribed for tonsillitis, pharyngitis and other diseases of the throat.

The use of Aquamaris - under what diseases the drug is prescribed

  • To facilitate breathing through the nose;
  • In the treatment of various types of rhinitis (including allergies);
  • With the prevention of seasonal viral diseases;
  • With enlarged adenoids;
  • In the postoperative period - in order to avoid infection of the nasopharynx;
  • With sensations of dryness in the nose (often such occur in smokers, drivers, employees who work in rooms with dry air or in hazardous industries);
  • As a complex therapy in the treatment of influenza and colds;
  • With long-term treatment with hormone steroids;
  • When preparing the mucosa for the use of other drugs or therapeutic manipulations - the drug is well combined with other medicines;
  • With acute and prolonged inflammation of the nose, sinuses and nasopharyngeal area.

Aquamaris for newborns. Instructions for use

Form release: dropper bottle, 10 ml Form release: dropper bottle, 10 ml.

In the composition of the droplets - sterilized sea ​​water, distilled water.

These drops can be used for newborns, as a prophylactic against various viruses and to soften and facilitate breathing with the nozzle.

Dosage and administration

  • Newborn bury the drug in the supine position;
  • To carry out the manipulation, the baby's head is tilted in one direction and instilled 1 drop in each nostril;
  • Then, a similar manipulation is performed by turning the child’s head to the other side (in the same way: 1 drop in each nasal passage);
  • Repeat the procedure;
  • Excess drops are wiped gently.

A few minutes after instillation (2-3 minutes), the accumulated mucus from the nose should be removed from the child. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Using a nasal aspirator;
  • With the help of turunda (cotton swabs) moistened in Aquamaris: they are very convenient to gently remove crusts from the noses of newborns.

If necessary, the procedure can be repeated as many times as necessary to maximize the cleansing of the nasal passages from contamination.

The benefits of Aquamaris for children

Aquamaris for children over one year old can be applied already in the form of a spray (Aquamaris Baby). True, the instruction itself says that it can be used from the age of three months, but pediatricians still recommend the use of droplets for babies. And only spray after a year .


  • In very rare cases, the drug can still cause a slight allergic reaction in the crumbs (individual intolerance): a slight burning sensation, redness of the nose. In this case, you just need to rinse your nose with boiled water and ask the pediatrician and allergist to prescribe another drug to the baby;
  • Frequent use of Aquamaris is also discouraged - violating the natural microflora of the nasopharynx is still not unnecessarily necessary. But a couple of times a week for prophylaxis is quite a normal option;
  • When digging in, it is necessary to ensure that the amount of the solution is small and the baby does not swallow the excess;
  • After cleansing the nose with Aquamaris, the use of other remedies for the treatment of rhinitis caused by a cold or viruses is permitted.

Aquamaris for adults and children over one year of age: types, use

Adults can use any product from the Aquamaris line Adults can use any product from the Aquamaris line. Contraindications this solution has almost no.

In addition to the above (drops and Aquamaris Baby), the series also includes the following subspecies:

  • Aquamaris Spray - used for the prevention of viral diseases, nasal washing, for the therapeutic treatment of diseases of the nose;
  • Aquamaris Plus (already described above: panthenol has been added to it) - actively moisturizes the mucous, promotes its healing after injuries;
  • Aquamaris Strong - appointed with a strong nasal congestion and to relieve swelling of the mucous. This option can also be used by pregnant women, but for children - only for those who are already over one year old;
  • Aquamaris Norm - eliminates viruses and bacteria, well removes foreign particles from the nose, is well suited for the treatment of rhinitis. Children can use it from the age of two;
  • Aquamaris Sens - most often it is used to get rid of allergic rhinitis. Ectoin is added to it, which reduces the effects of the allergen on the nasal mucosa. Children may use Aquamaris Sens from the age of two;
  • Aquamarine for throat - well removes mucus, bacteria and viruses from the mucous throat, contributes to the rapid restoration of the mucous membrane of the pharynx. Allowed to use for children older than 1 year, pregnant women and during lactation, adults - without restrictions;
  • Aquamaris Oto - used to cleanse the ear canals of sulfur in children older than one year and adults. Hygiene with the help of the drug Oto - softer. During the use of the drug Oto for ear hygiene, the possibility of obtaining even the slightest unpleasant sensations is excluded, as with the hygiene of cotton buds;
  • Aquamaris Device - for deep cleaning and rinsing of the nasal cavities. Suitable for those who suffer from frequent colds and chronic rhinitis, as well as children over 3 years.

Aquamaris - the price of the drug, analogues

The average cost of the drug: in drops from 120 rubles, spray - about 250 rubles and above (depending on the type of drug).

Aquamaris are analogues :

  • Humer;
  • Salin;
  • Aqualore;
  • Morenazal;
  • Physiomer;
  • AquaMaster;
  • Marimer;
  • But salt;
  • Aqua Rinosol;
  • Atom;
  • Dr. Theiss allergol;
  • Sodium chloride bufus;
  • Saline and others

As you can see, the line of analogs is rather big, so it’s not a problem to choose the one that suits you personally by its composition, price or volume. Be healthy!


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