Allergy to face cream: symptoms, what to do, can be, in children, in adults, than to treat, how to relieve itching, on tonal, around the eyes, sunscreen, how to check

  1. Clinical picture
  2. Diagnosis and treatment

Cream for the face is in the beautician of every woman. It can be a nourishing, moisturizing, tightening agent intended for use in cosmetic purposes. Due to the wide range of this type of products, it is possible to choose a face cream that would meet the requirements for efficiency and price. Cream for the face is in the beautician of every woman

When choosing a cosmetic product, you need to exercise maximum responsibility, because it often happens that when it is used it develops allergy . Why and how this happens, what to do in such cases, consider next.

The main cause of allergies to face cream lies in its composition. One of the components in a person has a painful reaction of the body caused by individual intolerance. It can be both active substances that contribute, for example, to tightening the face and smoothing out wrinkles, as well as auxiliary components, such as fragrances, preservatives, dyes, thickeners and others. Today, manufacturers often add to their creams extracts of essential oils, which can also cause allergies.

Clinical picture

In order to be able to effectively combat an allergic reaction to a face cream, you need to know what symptoms can be said about its presence. In fact, the clinical picture in this case is very bright, the person may experience the following signs of allergy:

  • redness of the skin of the face. It can spread to the neck, the hairy part of the scalp;
  • the appearance of a rash - it can be pustules, papules, normal rashes, in some cases there are even erosion;
  • itching - it is so strong that it is very difficult to restrain from scratching the face. But, you need to understand that, you do not need to do this, combing rashes, there is a risk of infection, complicating the symptoms and general health;
  • burning sensation - it is observed over the entire surface of the affected skin, may have different intensity;
  • peeling - it is often observed a few days after applying the cream for the face, when the rash begins to open and dry;
  • edema - it can have a different level of intensity, depending on the strong action of the substance and the sensitivity of the organism to it.

Sometimes there are more severe symptoms of allergy caused by face cream. This may be angioedema, anaphylactic shock. Then you need to urgently contact the ambulance.

The first symptoms of allergy begin to appear within a few minutes after applying the cream on the face. Usually, there is initially a burning sensation, then the skin begins to turn red. After a few hours there are rashes, swelling of the skin.

If such symptoms occur, face cream should be discarded. It is strictly forbidden to use it again, because the repeated reaction can be much stronger. With the problem of allergies need to consult a doctor who will appoint an effective for a particular case. treatment .

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Diagnosis and treatment

It is necessary to understand that in order to successfully combat allergies, it is important to understand which substance provoked such a reaction. This will make the treatment more effective, and further avoid all contact with the allergen. For this, the patient is given a referral to allergy tests. This is the main diagnostic method for allergies.

Next, we will talk about drug treatment. First of all, antihistamines will be prescribed. They will make the symptoms less bright, ease the condition of the person. Only a doctor should select anti-allergic drugs.

Especially carefully you need to take first-generation drugs. They cause drowsiness, can affect the health of the liver and cardiovascular system, sometimes provoke vision problems.

Be sure to be prescribed and drugs for external use. This is the use of various antiallergic gels and ointments, creams that will help get rid of skin symptoms as soon as possible. There are two treatment options here too. The first is non-hormonal drugs. They are considered as safe as possible, they can be used for a long time, and practically do not cause side effects. But, the effect does not come immediately, it may take several days to feel relieved. In some cases, these ointments are completely useless.

Then they prescribe stronger drugs - hormonal. They will help get rid of the symptoms of allergy on the face much faster. But, can not be used for a long time, because they are able to provoke hormonal disorders. In addition, the use of cream and ointment is addictive, after a course of treatment, they should be abolished gradually. Hormonal agents differ in the level of action, treatment should begin with the weakest. Then they prescribe stronger drugs - hormonal

What to do after the treatment is completed? How to do without face cream? In fact, to abandon cosmetics should not be. It is only necessary to change the manufacturer, pick up the cream without the substance that provoked the allergy. At the same time, picking up any brand of products, it is better to use it all the time, without conducting experiments that may affect redness and rash on the face. If you still had to buy a new and little-known cream, you should try it out by applying a small amount on your skin. If no symptoms occur, you can start using this tool.

In order to minimize the risk of developing allergies, you should pay attention to folk remedies for skin care. They are available absolutely for everyone, they are distinguished by maximum efficiency and safety.

Allergy in the fall on what could be?
What to do after the treatment is completed?
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